Can Silicon Valley Get You Pregnant?

By Madeleine Clark
One great way to put more women entrepreneurs in technology: create apps that solve women’s health issues! Check out this article by Rina Raphael from Fast Company:

A little over two years ago, Tammy Sun, 36, decided she wanted to freeze her eggs. The problem? Her then employer Evernote didn’t cover the procedure.

“We had these awesome benefits around everything from food to transportation to healthcare, but there was nothing for this,” Sun recalls of spending over $30,000 of her own money on egg freezing, a procedure that has tripled in popularity in the last five years. “There was such a mismatch between what I consider healthcare and what the system considered healthcare.”

Meanwhile, tech stalwarts such as Facebook and Apple offered such benefits, solidifying the idea that fertility care was a luxury reserved for top-tier companies. The disparity inspired a frustrated Sun to launch Carrot Fertility, which works closely with employers to offer affordable and customizable fertility care benefit programs that include IVF, surgery, and egg freezing.

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Madeleine Clark is the founder of HerWerk. She has a proven history of sourcing diverse candidate panels and a longstanding commitment to women’s advancement in the industry.
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