An absence of explicit demands for gender-balanced candidate pools…means that

little attention is paid to the business case for gender-balanced recruitment.

“Global Diversity Management: An Evidence-Based Approach”
—Mustafa F. Obilgin and Ahu Tatli

Your company has an aggressive goal for hiring women and you’re accountable.

The usual methods aren’t producing results. Posting jobs and sifting through giant network sites is exhausting and unproductive. Dedicating internal staff solely to the task is costly.

The fact is the woman you want isn’t even looking for another job; she’s busy successfully doing the one she has. She needs to be approached, courted and convinced your opportunity is better for her career. Understanding her needs and aspirations is the key to that conversation.

A smart candidate knows the difference between a recruiter calling to fill a quota and a trusted advisor interested in her long-term career. Successfully recruiting her requires a high-touch process, a stellar reputation, and a long history of earning the trust of women like her.

Built on two decades of experience placing hundreds of senior executives in marketing and advertising, HerWerk was created to focus exclusively on female talent acquisition; we understand what women want and how to attract and secure their unique talent.

HerWerk is the seasoned partner you need to reach your company’s goal of gender balance.

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